innovation and technology
for printing industries

Company Profile

The core business is the design and manufacturing of Automatic Blanket Washer Systems with "cloth technology" for the off-set presses and the continuous improvement of the product and organization convinced the most important OEMs to qualify ELETTRA as Official Supplier.
Now Elettra wants to open its products portfolio "using" all the technical knowledge, the R&D efforts and organization to support the End User in selecting the best product when approaching the market for any requirement.
Thanks to the experience and resources Elettra is able to promote a real "added-value-chain" of products as accessories to be installed into the printing presses and in suitable for different printing fields:

  • Commercial Web Offset Printing
  • Newspaper & Semi-commercial (Newsprint)
  • Sheetfed Offset Printing
  • Narrow web Offset Printing
  • Corrugated Flexo printing
  • Tissue Flexo printing
  • Film Extrusion
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Can Printing
  • Consumables