innovation and technology
for printing industries

Company Structure


Technological Research means a continuous effort to investigate the market to find out the most advanced materials; new applications and best processes; partner’s knowledge and ELETTRA’s competence create the best way to give to the market the proper answers to the End User’s questions.


Elettra applies the latest software programs for the FEM analysis and CAD design to evolve the product as well as their own experience and knowledge for a continuous development of the components and constant monitoring of the assembly and internal activities.


From the project to the commissioning the technical office is the "master".

Standard products as well as customized projects for the newspaper and commercial web application are always under the continuous control of the technical department generating the details and specification for the manufacturing, testing and final commissioning of the application.


Elettra sales headquarter is located in Italy and integrated its own subsidiaries in USA and Germany. A worldwide network of agents and distributors is available for all the end user requirements. Evaluate you application, prepare a clear Return of Investment and identify the most suitable solution to have an added value with Elettra’s product portfolio… it is our work!


Manpower available in the different countries through well trained engineers, a continuous support (first call) always ready to help the customer and a proper availability of original spare parts create a full 360° service.


ELETTRA supplies instruction manuals for all the products where the customer can find the information for the functioning and Spare Parts eventually needed.

Elettra’s Approved Consumables are worldwide available for the End User at "market" price.