innovation and technology
for printing industries


Thanks to its competence and continuous R&D work, ELETTRA opens its portfolio to support the End User in the selection of the best ancillary for its job.

ELETTRA's experience on the field and process knowledge gives a real ADDED VALUE during the proper accessory selection in the different applications of the Offset Printing Market.

Elettra design and manufacture since decades surface cleaning systems technologies for printing press, film extrusion and many other customers who need to automate the difficult processes of their cleaning tasks

Our products automatically clean cylinders perfectly and quickly of various production processes such as rubber, plates, films as well as the removal of hickey picking and are essential in all those processes where chemical products such as inks, coatings and solutions to surfaces are used, thus avoiding that operators must manually perform these difficult and dangerous cleaning operations.

With our products operators can save time and money increasing the production speed
Furthermore our own consumables products are 100% ecological respecting the environment.

The Elettra's automatic cleaning systems products for film extrusion offer an innovative solution to the common problem for cleaning the film cylinders avoiding risk to the operators.